Tuff Lock Harness Hearts Large

CN¥  170.38

Sizing: Neck 45-75 cm, Chest 65-105 cm, Weight 25-45 kg

Full sizing chart available on More Info page.

This top quality, fully adjustable harness features the contoured Premium Tuff Lock buckle for quick and easy release. The figure-H style harness (flattened out, it has the shape of an "H") loops around the pet's chest and its waist, connected by cross-bars on the pet's back and under its chest. Booth loops are fully adjustable, and the back loop features a D-ring for use with a leash.

The Premium Tuff Lock harness features Box-X stitching for maximum strength of sewn components and the highest quality hardware.

Premium Tufflock products are absolute top quality. Our claim is simple, you will not find a higher quality harness, lead or collar on the market. They are guaranteed for life, even if chewed, you can't beat that. These products are manufactured in the USA.
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